my room is 12x15x8 sometimes the bass can overpower a little but the sound is to die for. right now i looking into upgrading the preamp and maybe adding a dac.

would like to hear your opinions.


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    • Belles 21A
    This is the model with the auricap upgrade.
    • Consonance Cyber 800
    78 watt monos that use 6ca7 power tubes.
    • Usher R-1.5
    150 watt class a
    • Usher 6381
    • Manitou Windigo power cable
    connected to Belles 21a
    • Manitou Thunderbird power cables
    connected to cyber 800s
    • Manitou Windigo interconnects
    Dac to preamp
    • Mg Audio Design Planus 2
    balanced, neutral, detailed
    • Mg Audio Design Planus Cu2
    more of the Planus 2 sound
    • Virtue Audio Piano M1
    tubelike in sound
    • Usher Mini Dancer 2 Be
    this is the diamond cabinet but with the Be tweeter.

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Pardon me for the inappropriate response. :^)


I have found the Atma-Sphere to out perform the Quicksilver in every respect, faster, greater dynamics, low level detail and low frequency texture is far better, more holographic. The Quicksilver is nice but IMHO, no match. Usher (your speakers?)claim 87dB sensitivity, with (nominal) impedance of 8 ohms. I would only caution that you check to make sure they do not drop below 8 ohms as that could be a problem for OTL’s. You must audition these amps, if possible. Take a listen and you will hear what I mean.

Happy Listening!