All maple GR-Research NX Studio open baffle speakers with open baffle maple Spatial Audio Sapphire M5 subwoofers, only using the 15" woofers for open baffle bass, the sapphire tweeters are disconnected, to a matching all maple Mapleshade Samson V2 audio rack. 

Components for the mains: Chord Dave DAC, Chord Mscaler Upscaler, Chord Etude Amp, Jay's Audio MK3-CDT3 CD Transport, Aurender W20SE Streamer. 

Components for subs: Marantz 7025 amp, Sublime Acoustic K231 Crossover at 80Hz, Black Ice Audio FOZ SSX for bass controller.

Using 4 Audiowise RF-Stop power filters on Mscaler, OPTO-DX optical isolators, and on my English Electric 8-Switch audio network switch. The Audiowise products are incredible. 

Using 2 Lifepo4 batteries to power the DC input on the Chord Mscaler, and to power both the transmitter and receiver on Audiowise OPTO-DX galvanic optical isolators. There is no blacker cleaner background to hear perfect music in HiFi than Lifepo4 batteries, worth the daily charging because the sound is just mind blowing. The Aurender W20SE has built in Lifepo4 batteries. Also using 5 Ghent Audio Gotham quad shielded power cables for all battery to component connections, best in the world.

I love the Transparent XL BNC cable on my flagship Jay's Audio CD Transport, and the Wave Fidelity Storm reference BNC cable on the Aurender W20SE streamer.

IsoAcoustics Orea Series Audio Equipment Isolators under all speakers, Mscaler, Etude, W20SE, and DAVE. Love these silver pucks.

The holographic soundstage 3D imaging is shocking from this setup. I have yet to hear any system that can reproduce the same transparency, tonal detail, accuracy, instrument separation, and extreme holographicness as this rig at any price point.

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    • GR-Research NX-Studio
    Open baffle tweeters, enclosed midrange driver.
    • Spatial Audio Sapphire M5
    Open Baffle Subwoofers
    • Chord DAVE
    • Chord Mscaler
    • Chord Etude
    • Jay's Audio MK3-CDT3
    CD Transport
    • Aurender W20SE
    • Shunyata Everest 8000
    Power Distributor
    • Audiowise OPTO-DX
    Optical Galvanic Isolation between left and right channels.
    • English Electric 8-Switch
    Audio Network Switch, on Audiowise DC RF-STOP power filter, really makes a huge difference.
    • Marantz 7025
    Subwoofer Amp
    • Sublime Acoustic K231
    Crossover for Subwoofers set at 80 Hz
    • Black Ice Audio FOZ SSX
    Bass Volume Controller

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Synergy is perfection, the holographic imaging and extreme transparency are breathtaking. This is my favorite album right now. Xylophone ecstasy in the ears.


Gorgeous system and room. How is the synergy? And what music shines the brightest?


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@grg1120g Yes, Danny Richie says they sound better than any speaker at any price point, been true so far in my experience also.


Love the system!  Are those the new GR Research NX Studio?


Love the maple!


Looks great Brandon and a cool bunch of gear!


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