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    • Van Alstine Super PAS Three
    Frank’s modification to the vintage Dyna classic. Modern power supply diodes, upgraded caps, no tone controls or loudness.
    • VTA-Dyna Stereo 70
    Handmade by Chris Keller, this is a new amp with modern transformers and mostly Audyn coupling caps, using the Latino VTA driver board and EH fat bottle EL34s.
    • Parasound Z-CD
    I like small, cute stuff. Used as transport mostly.
    • Bluesound Node N130
    Streamer. Feeds into MQA DAC.
    • Mytek Liberty DAC
    1st gen.
    • Schiit Loki+
    Tone controls in tape monitor loop.
    • Thorens TD-1600
    New baby
    • Ortofon 2M Black LVB250
    Boron cantilever, nude Shibata MM cart.
    • DiY Speakers
    These are Dayton Audio 1 cubic foot vented enclosures (no longer sold) with their 7” Reference aluminum cone woofers, F3 at 39 Hz. The upper frequencies are Morel “TweeMids”. The crossovers are by Madisound using a design by Humble Homemade HiFi. I am currently running them full range with the addition of 2 small subs.  Stands are Target HR w/ IsoAcoustics Gaia feet.
    • Dayton Audio 8” Mini Subwoofer
    I have 2 of these running from 45 Hz down to 25 Hz. The amps are hooked u to the main preamp output uding AQ Y adapters.
    • Pro-Ject Head Box S w/Power Box S
    Small, cute, and all I need for the phones I use.
    • Sennheiser HD-660S
    Cables are Cardas HPC, 4M. Made a big difference compared to stock cables.

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