System Overview

This setup plays double duty for 2-channel music listening and 5.O movie viewing. The system is set up in our living room, a large room connecting the dining area and kitchen. The house is built with a spender floor with engineered wood flooring, which results in bass resonance and has required speaker isolation via Townsend Podiums.

Due to space limitations, a door leading to the backyard, and wanting a better viewing angle, our room is set up opposite the typical “TV above the fireplace.” The main speakers are 2’2” from the front of the speaker to the front wall, 7’5" from tweeter to tweeter, and 8’10” from the listening position, with toe-in centered 1’ behind the “sweet spot.” The custom Tekton Design center speaker is located in an IKEAhack BESTA credenza. Orb surrounds are mounted near the ceiling. The couch sits 3' from the back wall, with a fireplace directly behind it.

The turntable, phono stage, and integrated amp all rest on a custom Butcher Block Acoustics rack.

The credenza houses the AV receiver, a Blu-ray player, a PS5, a center channel, a computer, a streamer, DAC, a power regenerator, and other audio accessories.

Two Stillpoints Aperture panels provide acoustic treatment at tweeter height with two 4” deep acoustic panels below and a 4” deep corner bass trap, all on the front wall.

Records are stored in a self-built record unit, along with some audio books, art, and a Hummingbird Ultrasonic cleaner.

2 Channel Digital Signal Path

Streaming via Tidal comes from either an Apple computer or Bluesound Node processed through a Benchmark DAC3-B to the Accuphase E-480, sending music to the Tekton Design Electron SE, all powered by a PS Audio PowerPlant 12. I’m using a Duelund USB cable, BlueJean digital cable, Duelund balanced cables, and Duelund speaker cables. All Duelund cables are self-built and use 16ga for interconnectors and 12ga for speaker cables.

2 Channel Analog Signal Path

Classic Turntable Company Garrard 401 spins records, utilizing an Ortofon SPU Synergy G cartridge mounted to an Audio Creative Groovemaster II 12” arm with Duelund silver cables connected to a Luxman EQ-500, send a signal via Duelund balanced cables to the Accupase and out to the Tekton Design speakers.

Turntable Details

The Garrard 401 started has an original 1974 dual suppressor unit. It was purchased in a Vinylista plinth with a 9" Origin Live Illustrious tonearm in excellent working order. After a few years, I decided to go for an "end game" upgrade. The Garrard was sent to Classic Turntable Company in England. Ray swapped out the original chassis for a custom thick aluminum unit, upgraded the bearing, added a heavier platter, attached a new main switch, and cleaned everything to a brand-new sparkle. The tonearm was switched to a 12" Audio Creative Groovemaster II to allow for SPU-style cartridges and better tracking.

The new table is impressive and is the only audio gear I will never part with or sell. (Unless I come upon a perfect working EMT 927).

5.O Movie Signel Path

Movies come from a Roku Ultra HD or Sony Ultra Blu-ray player connected to a Denon AVR-X3700H unit. The video is sent to an LG TV C2 OLED. At the same time, the audio is handled in two ways: the center and surrounds are managed by the Denon, and the mains are bypassed via the Accuphase. Finally, gaming is done with a PS5.

Room Details

Dimensions: 28’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Accuphase E-480
    • Luxman EQ-500
    • Garrard 401
    • Orfoton SPU Synergy G
    • Bluesound Node
    • Benchmark DAC3-B
    • Tekton Design Electron SE
    • PS Audio PowerPlant 12

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Thanks for description. Kool ideal


Nice looking system but that's a lot of tweeters looking at you!


@dj What is shown in the photo is a plexiglass platter cover on top of an Explosions in the Sky felt mat. I use these as my platter dust covers. The real platter mat is a Soundeck PM. It really helps dampen the platter without sounding dead.


Very nice, digging on the vibe. What kind of platter mat is that?


@palasr the tonearm is a 12" Audio Creative Groovemaster II


What's the tonearm?


What's the tonearm?


Very nice


I would really like to hear about your Garrard 401 chassis. Did you design and built it yourself? Sure is a nice refreshing look on the old beast, but did it make it sound better as well?

Regards, old beast owner,

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I really dig your space and collection of gear.  Would you be able to list components, etc.? 

Also nice to see another house cat listening partner.  

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