My system. 
The most critical components are the Patron tequila bottles which I find really enhance the floral notes. 
I’m possibly wanting to upgrade my speakers with stand mounts $2k-$4k. Fritz? ZU? ATC? CSS Criton? Dynaudio? Watkins Generation 4, Buchardt, Tyler Audio, Philharmonic etc. 
I want (of course) clean and revealing speakers without being fatiguing. I’m leaning towards the Fritz (model?) now. 
I listen to literally everything from punk to classical. 
I’m also going to upgrade my speaker cables to Audio Sensibility Signature or Statements or Zavfino. Also, I will probably eventually upgrade the umbilical between Farad and Mano with (likely) Audio Sensibility
Finally, I will soon be adding an Alan Maher Maxwell. 

Please offer critiques and advice concerning my existing system and my planned upgrades. 


Components Toggle details

    • Odyssey’s Kismet in Khartago
    Latest and greatest as of 2021. Swapped out stock fuses with Synergistic Research Orange fuses from Klaus a few months ago.
    • Supratek Cabernet
    2022 model with Synergistic Research Purple fuse
    • Ascend Sierra 2EX speakers
    Pair. Not upgraded with the latest crossover upgrade.
    • Rel G1 MKII subwoofer
    • Chord Qutest DAC
    • Magna Mano Ultra MKIII Farad streamer
    With Pink Faun LAN isolator and “stock” hifi tuning fuse
    • Puritan PSM 156 conditioner
    • Puritan Ultimate Power cable
    Wall to PSM 156
    • Puritan Ultimate power cable
    From PSM 156 to Odyssey
    • Puritan Classic plus power cable
    From PSM 156 to Supratek
    • Puritan Classic plus power cable
    From PSM 156 to Farad
    • Audio Sensibility Signature RCA Interconnects
    From Supratek to Odyssey and also from Qutest to Supratek
    • Cullen Crossover Cable
    High level Neutrik/ spade cable from Odyssey to Rel
    • Audio Sensibility Signature Digital cable
    RCA to BNC from Mano to Qutest
    • Cullen Crossover II power cable
    PSM 156 to Rel
    • Alan Maher Ambiance Ethernet cable
    • Cullen Crossover speaker cables
    • EVS Music purifiers
    One on each speaker
    • Contact Enhancer NFS-Q45T
    3D enhancer fluid used on most fuses and cable /interconnects
    • Odyssey “Big Rack”
    Stereo rack
    • Patron Cable risers
    For the Audiophile tequila lover
    • Herbie’s Tenderfeet, Fat Dots and SuperSonic Stabilizers and gliders
    • Synergistic Research Purple outlet
    • Audioquest Edison outlet
    For modem and router on the same circuit
    • Alan Maher QPI
    Plugged into SR Purple outlet along with Puritan Ultimate cable into Puritan PSM 156 which is powering everything in my system with the exception of the router and modem which is plugged into the Edison outlet on the same circuit
    • Revelation Audio Umbilical
    Between Supratek Cabernet preamp power supply and main unit

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