The REL sub, the Pro-Ject turntable, and the Schiit Modius were purchased new; the Maggies came from an original owner, the Pro-Ject DS tube phono stage from their original owner as well, and so did the Furman. The Aurender was purchased used from The Music Room.

The Maggies replaced a pair of Thiel CS 2.4’s which were bought by a fellow Thiel fan. The turntable replaced the Marantz turntable I sold back in…2018/2019?  It’s been a while. The phono stage was required because while the Belles has a dedicated input on the face, it does NOT have an onboard stage. Duh!  

The Aurender replaced a Bluesound Node which was a stop-gap measure to be able to use Qobuz, the REL was bought to augment the notoriously bass-shy Maggies, and lastly the Schiit fav replaced an old Jolida tube Dac. Funny thing about the addition of the Schiit is that I haven’t been using the REL. I’m not missing anything from the Maggies. 
This cannot be entirely laid at the foot of the Dac’s  addition, but it has had a VERY big impact on how everything sounds. 

Apart from the Salamander cabinet purchased for $150, the Schiit is by far and away the most economical purchase I’ve made for my stereo. $229 - who’da thunk???

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 17’

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    That’s pretty much the route that my journey took - Maggies at first, followed by Thiel. It ends here with the possibility of finding another pair of Thiel CS3.5’s, or perhaps the Maggie LRS which is getting superlative comments. Love both brands. 


    Maggies were my first love, followed by Thiels. Please continue to visit us on the Thiel Owners thread. Meanwhile, enjoy the music!


    Very nice, enjoy.


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