Listening Room Construction

12” concrete floor

Poured steel reinforced to 9+” to 12+” 3000 lb. PSI concrete floor


1” MDF

1/8” thick Acoustiblok vinyl sound barrier

¾” MDF

3 x 12 vertical studs, 14.5” on center

Staggered 13” wide 2  x 12 and  4 x 12 per vertical stud channel

13” X 4” X 48” 72lb. 4 chamber activated charcoal absorption filters staggered vertically up/down/up/down

4” Rockwool insulation over vacant stud channel area adjacent to filters

Flexseal all joints

¾” cherry plywood


4’ Sound Absorption Blankets

4” Rockwool

2 x 8 horizontal beams

5/8” X drywall paneling

1/8” thick Acoustiblok vinyl sound barrier

¾” cherry plywood

2 Doors-same as well construction 17" thick, 1000 lb and 850 lb, no other openings

 Recessed 9 BR 40 65 Watt LED floodlights

2 Ton HVAC split system, low speed, high volume

104 oz. plush cut pile carpeting (Fabrica Seduction)

Electric-Audio sources only Subpanel with 8 breakers for 8 duplexes, 10 gauge wire (lighting and A/C on main subpanel) Synergistic Research Blue Duplexes for equipment

Side Walls treated with 2' X 4' 2" thick Acoustic Fields absorption panels  60% coverage

Ceiling treated with 4' X 6' 4" thick Acoustic Fields absorption panels 75% coverage

Synergistic Research HFTs 

I will post photos later

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Audio Equipment - 2 Systems
    Audio Equipment – Primary Listening room

    Pair of Altec 1569A  Extreme modification   Kept the chassis and transformers

    Now a Class A/B 125 watt push/pull, voltage regulated amplifier (not ultralinear) with 6 6BG6 Russian output tubes, Raytheon 1950 6SN7 cathode follower, pair of RCA 6GU7 input tubes, 2-6” X 3” electrolytic storage capacitors.  

    Synergistic Research blue fuses and Grover Huffman Pharoah power cable into IEC pig-tail.  Grover Huffman Pharoah RCA to pre-amp 

    EAR 890 amp 70watt Class A zero-global feedback, auto-biasing on Synergistic Research Mig-SX isolation footers, GCTs on trannies  (back up amp, best on Signature IIIs).

    Custom 6 subminiature tube pre-amp and 8 subminiature tube phono stage, voltage regulated design non-fused

    Extreme modified Benchmark HDR1 (new filter caps, tantalum, power caps, new audio board, $50 audio grade  regulators replacing 50 cent computer grade)

    Arcam Delta 250 Transport and 270 CD player with 15+ high quality audio filter, power and bypass capacitors, regulators, etc. as CD transports

    Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Euphoria digital cable

    VPI TNT VI heavy platter with SDS on Townsend Sink, SME IV modified with Cardas wiring/RCA box and closed foam insulation.  

    Dynavector 20X2L  Zesto Andros Allasso  All with custom Grover Huffman Pharoah very low impedance RCAs.

    VPI 19-4, Ultracraft 400, Grado 78 cartridge into Marantz 7C pre-amp

    Bryston Bit-20 isolation transformer (Custom power cable as usual)

    Ultra SS and Mini-SS Stillpoints under some equipment 

     2 Pair Shakti Hallographs

    Legacy Focus speakers

     Nakamichi cassette deck ZX-7

     Technics 1500 R2R and Tandberg 900X R2R

     Grover Huffman Pharoah speaker cable

    34 Synergistic Research HFTs various types

    Synergistic Research blue duplex outlets

    Sand/Shot filled custom built steel stands

    Amps on granite slabs 

    Pending-GIK Q7D front wall diffuser(s) trial in 3/23

    Pending-GiK Gotham quadradic units on rear wall (pair) 

    Audio Equipment – Living  room

    Dynaco ST 70 Extreme modification  Now a Class A/B 35 watt push/pull, voltage regulated amplifier (not ultralinear) with chassis depth electrolytic storage capacitor, superior bias control, feedback change, rectifier tube used for slow start-up only, replaced RCAs and speaker terminals, Synergistic Research Blue fuse.  

    Grover Huffman Pharoah power cable into IEC pig-tail.  Grover Huffman Pharoah RCA to pre-amp 

    Custom 6 subminiature tube pre-amp, voltage regulated design non-fused.

    Kyocera 310x CD player with upgraded Panasonic power capacitors, a few other new caps. Grover Huffman Pharoah RCA interconnect.

    Kenwood 5000? FM/AM tuner.

    Legacy Signature III speakers

    Synergistic Research Black duplex power outlet

    Grover Huffman Empress speaker cable.

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Thank you toro3.  The 2 ton A/C would provide ample filtration for the smoke.  

I could have stayed in my last home with a big listening room 25X20X11, partially like this one and used part of the $150K new room cost for new speakers.  No, I doubled the size of the home at 2019 home prices which doubled in value now.  


I don't drink or smoke cigars, but I'd do both in that environment - any day and time of the week. What a room.

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Don’t leave us hanging, pictures please!


Don’t leave us hanging, pictures please!


Wow! I look forward to seeing more pics, etc.


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