Decware ZMA Amp.  25th anniversary upgrades, plust my mods
Chord Dave DAC (serves as preamp) with Farad PSU
Chord M-Scaler
Innuos Zenith Mk3 Streamer
Audiolab CDT6000 transport (hardly ever used)
Encore speakers on Townshend Podiums
Roon Rock on Intel NUC
Etherregen switch 
PS Audio PP10 Regenerator (Rectifier-Inverter)
Mostly self made interconnects with Mundorf Angelique wire, KLEI connectors, self made low mass binding posts.
Other components shown are part of the AV system.  The ZMA drives the front speakers as part of the AV system.

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    Very nice. DecWare looks very tempting- if I were to go tube amplification. 
    Also, I have a chord Qutest and really wish that I could afford a Dave! 


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