A repository of left-behind technology that thankfully works as well as when the system was put together in 2009. We're hoping that, since it's only used about 2-4 hrs a week (often even less), everything will continue to work. Plasma being what we're used to, the 4k's, even now, suffer in comparison; the only positive is the larger screen size- which is tempting! The sound is in the satisficer category- a worthwhile improvement would be more time, effort, and funds than present use can justify. Adding Roon made me revisit our A/V setups as replacing the ethernet cords to all the systems and seeing what components are Roon Ready made for a Rip Van Winkle moment.

Room Details

Dimensions: 32’ × 19’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Panasonic th-65pz850u
    • Oppo BDP 105
    Does a great job of processing both audio and video. Though discontinued in 2018, able to use Amazon Fire TV cube. Of course can play any 5 inch disc we care to feed it.
    • KEF FiveTwo model 11
    At the time wanted something better than a soundbar but not a full blown 3.1 or 5.1 speaker set up.
    • KEF HTB2 Subwoofer
    Complements the FiveTwo speakers
    • Dared Dv-6c
    The little guy was small, simple and inexpensive. Another discontinued component. The company is still in business but not making HT components. Still going strong, suspect this will be the first item here to fail.

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As a 75 yo guy who's still using analog equipment, some of it made sixty years ago, I am casting a big attaboy!!  Top quality equipment made that long ago sounds as fine to me as any of the brand new stuff that I've heard in high end audio salons.  So your 2009 stuff is practically brand new.  Disclaimer:  I have not listened to any esoteric vinyl playback systems - still using a Thorens TD125 MkII with a Shure V15 Type 3 cartridge.  So I can't comment on TOTL tables and cartridges.  Recently had a complete rebuild of a Mac C22, which included caps, assorted resistors, tubes, and that did make a big difference (even my wife commented on how wonderful that system sounds).  Simple RCA cabling and Home Depot 14 ga. speaker wire.  
Since this post is in the Home Theater section, I'll mention that I bought a McIntosh home theater system about the time you set yours up, but I still haven't set it up.  Only two channel audio systems here...


I can't comment on the tech but that cabinet is stunning!


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