I assembled most of this system in the late '80s after going through lesser components for 15 years.  I was finally satisfied with this system.  I carefully auditioned cables for each component and have a variety of brands--Cardas, van den Hul, MIT, etc. 

My setup has matching monoblock amps right behind the speakers with short runs of biwired speaker cables, and there is nothing between the speakers to interfere with imaging. 

I listen to a mix of CDs, vinyl, FM, streaming digital and cassettes that I recorded with my Nakamichi cassette decks. The tapes and decks still sound fine, even though many are 30 years old or more.

When I have compared CDs and their vinyl counterparts, sometimes one medium is superior, other times the other.  Audiophile (half-speed mastered) generally beats conventional CDs, but SACDs, HDCDs, DVD-A and Blu Ray can compete with the best vinyl.

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • Apogee Acoustics Duetta Mark II
    Full-range planar speakers, refurbished by True Sound Works Audio.
    • SOTA Star Sapphire III
    Belt-drive turntable with vacuum holddown platter.  Walnut cabinet
    • Eminent Technology ET-2
    Tangential-tracking, air bearing tonearm.
    • Monster Alpha Genesis 1000
    Moving coil cartridge
    • Cambridge Audio CXU
    Universal disc player.  Also streams YouTube.
    • Nakamichi CR-7
    Cassette deck with remote control, remote azimuth adjustment
    • Classé Audio DR-7
    Two-chassis, dual mono, solid state preamp.
    • Nakamichi BX-300
    Cassette deck with pitch control.
    • Classé Audio DR-9
    Solid-state stereo amp, 100 watts per channel; bridged is 400 watts into 8 ohms, 800 watts into 4 ohms.
    • Luxman T-03
    Digital synthesized AM/FM tuner.  Same as the T-117, but with a silver cabinet.
    • Absolute Power APS-360m, APS 240m
    power line purifiers
    • Sennheiser HD600
    Excellent-sounding over-the-ear headphones.  Slightly better than the HD-580, which I also have.
    • Headroom Little Headroom +
    Small headphone amp with switches for frequency response and imaging processor; external power supply.  Sounds musical.

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