Actually we move to new home like owners, I have other equipments stored in the basement just waiting to installed, is a new beginning and try to start fresh with calm.
2 Bowers and Wilkins 803D2
2 Classe Monoblocks CAM-400
1 Pre Conrad Johnson PV-12 Highly modified 
1 CD Player Shanling CD-T100 modified level 3
1 Turntable Thorens TD-126mk2 serviced and modified 
1 Tonearm SME 3009 Improved 2 with Cardas cables 
1 Jolida JD-9 Tube Phono Stage modified level 3
1 Cartrigde Sony XL-55Pro
2 Cardas speaker cables 

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    • Straightwire Maestro 2 speakers cables
    Vintage speaker cables
    • Bowers and Wilkins Panorama 2
    TV Sound bar
    • Bowers and Wilkins P-9
    High end headphones
    • Benz Micro Glider
    Phono Cartrigde
    • Nakamichi 680ZX
    Casette deck impecable,
    • Sansui AU-999
    Impecable Vintage amplifier, fully serviced, nive sound
    • Bowers and Wilkins Matrix 805
    Vintage speakers like news, with original active filters
    • McIntosh MD-300
    CD player original
    • Chord Hugo2
    DAC portable
    • Sony PS-B80
    Biotracer Turntable Esprit series
    • Classe CP-700
    Pre amplifier original
    • VTL MB-300
    Power tube monoblocks of VTL, modified by VTLs people, Magic transformers, Teflon capacitors, KT-88 Golden Lion tubes (16), MIT power cables, new speakers post gold and RCA input gold connectors, driver area actualized to series 400
    • Sony XL-55Pro
    MC Phono Cartrigde, top of the line of the Sony Esprit vintage equipments, sweet and beautiful sound with incredible low noise floor, actually I have two of them.
    • SME 3009 Improved 2
    Vintage tonearm, cardas internal cables
    • Thorens TD-126mk2
    Vintage Turntable serviced and modified
    New springs, and improved motor, external power supply, new electronic control motor module, new belt.
    • Shanling CD-T100
    Vintage CD Player modified level 3
    Superclock 4 installed with external precision power supply, Western Electric 396A vintage tubes, eliminating headphone area, new OPa modules, vishay diodes in power supply, new lenses
    • Jolida JD-9
    Tube Phono Stage, modified level 3
    Telefunken vintage nos tubes, vishay diodes, new OPA modules, internal cardas cables, internal mat protection.
    • Conrad Johnson PV-12
    tube Pre amplifier highly modified, new volume potentiometer, a pair of Telefunken nos tubes, eliminated balance area, new Teflon capacitor and vishay diodes.
    • Classe CAM-400
    Classe Monoblocks

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