I can finally post a system pic after completing room renovations and the room isn't overrun yet with records and CDs.  Also I'm in a spot where I don't really want to swap out any of these components (famous last words).

Everything but the ZROCK2 and the cabling was bought used.  I am a musical omnivore (indie rock, classic rock, blues, jazz, afrobeat, a smattering of others) and the goal of the system was to be able to balance musical enjoyment of a couple thousand CD's and several hundred records with maximum fidelity and dynamic impact.

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    • Coherent Model 10 speakers
    • First Watt SIT-3
    • Pass Labs X2.5 preamp
    • Pass Labs D1 DAC
    • Decware ZROCK2
    • Marantz SA8003 CD player
    • Kuzma Stabi S w/Rega RB600 tonearm
    • Dynavector DV-20X cartridge
    • Dynavector P75 phono stage
    • Duelund DCA16GA speaker wire
    • Zu Mission & Wylde interconnects

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Nice system.