...just the part of some of the stuff that I've had (usually pictured just befor the sale)...recently I have discovered the tube amplificatiom (hello Columbus) and just when I thought that I should explore more,I read that the tubes are on life support... with D class coming (in the words of R.Karlsen from Atmasphere himself  )Still have to photo the room and the system to put it here (I even do not use the smartphone, so have to rely on good mood of my girfriend to put everything up)... but the source is still Burmester 089 player, speakers are Franco Serblin's Lignea (the Guraneri's were too big and the Avantgarde Acoustic horns did not like much) and the amplification (my first all tube one) is from Unison Research (the only photo that is from web).It is rather simple 30w A class pse that plays lovely and I am very curios to try some more serious tube stuff...and perhaps the Atmasphere D class, after reading some of R.Karlsen posts here...

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Dimensions: 20’ × 10’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    Wonderful combination of wood and tubes. Must sound great.


    Can we see better photos of system set up in room. Thx!


    Nice pics Alex but some details please? I see Burmester pre and amp, a Dimitri power conditioner but what are those speakers? And sources?


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