Started building this system a little over a year ago. Has come quite a long way. Still a work in progress.

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Fluance RT-85
    Walnut plinth. Ortofon 2m bronze cartridge.
    • Marantz 2230
    Used as preamp
    • Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200m
    • Sonos Port
    Streaming device
    • Peachtree Amp500
    Power amp
    • Cambridge Audio CXC V2
    Cd transport
    • Pioneer CT-F9191
    Cassette Deck
    • Furman M-8x2
    Power Conditioner
    • Infinity Crescendo CS-3008
    Tower speakers. Spiked.

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That Pioneer deck is audioporn at its best love it and nice vintage system!