My Red listening chair is in an 8’ by 8’ corner of our ‘room’, which is the whole ground floor of our house.  Living, dining, kitchen.  The south narrow 16’ wall at my listening area is two floor-to-ceiling windows.  The long 32’ west wall is 4 double, glass patio doors, with narrow bookshelves between.  The East 32’ wall is another patio door and 3 big windows.  Floor is bare concrete with 8 carpet mats.  Ceiling is 8’, drywall.  It’s not an echo chamber.

As an architect-designed house with views, I don’t want drapes, window treatments, carpeting, or other major changes to the room.


I prefer streamed radio. I like jazz and Paradise Radio MOA Mellow and World music at lower levels, often at night after others have gone to bed.


Room Details

Dimensions: 32’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • List of my components below.


    B & O Beolab8000 black ‘pencil’ powered speakers, supposed to be great for vocals

    Hsu ULS MkII sealed sub, against west wall 8’ behind my listen chair facing into the room

    Paradigm Series 7 sealed 12” sub, facing listening chair, 4’ back (under wood table)

    NODE 3rd gen, connected with Ethernet cable to ASOS repeater 28.8k modem

    Cables are Blue Jeans LC1

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What a view.


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