I love gear, I love music and I seem to have settled in with a solid front end with two amplification options depending on mood. I seem to drawn to gear that is built with an artisnal eye with a sound circuit design. I’ve owned alot of terrific gear but I no longer think that much about the gear. I’m sure the ASR crowd will scream bloody murder at my system…who cares right?

Room Details

Dimensions: 16’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Network Acoustics Rubicon Switch
    I didn’t believe in the “audiophile switch” concept…until I placed this in my system. If you don’t believe thats cool, but you are missing a rather large slice of the music. Just saying. Using the iFi Elite power supply.
    • Network Acoustics Muon Streaming System
    Comprised of the Muon ethernet cable and the Muon ethernet filter. Holy heck, order it and listen for yourself. Again, I am an unabashed convert.
    • Shunyata Sigma V2 AES/EBU
    An exceptional digital cable between my Totaldac and Grimm Audio server.
    • Power Cables Various
    I have a mix of Tellurium Q Black and custom made cables with Furutech ends. Of course the Shindo gear uses Shindo cords. I’ve had alot of the hosehold names in and out (Shunyata Sigma V2, Audio Note Isis, etc, etc) but I’ve found that my existing cables do the job in an even handed, balanced manner.
    • Audiotorium 23 Speaker Cables
    I’ve tried alot of speaker cables over the years and keep returning to A23.
    • Shindo Labs Interconnects
    Silver based interconnects used predominantly between the Totaldac and the Shindo preamp and between the preamp and the Shindo amplifier.
    • Auditorium 23 Interconnects
    Copper based interconnects occasionally used to connect the Totaldac to the Shindo preamp.
    • Audio Note Isis
    Interconnects between Totaldac and Jinro
    • Running Springs Audio Jaco
    What the Mr. T does well with Shindo gear, the Jaco seems to do well with the rest. I am fortunate that I have good power and dedicated lines, so not alot to “treat” but I keep trying to upgrade this uunit with the latest from Audioquest or Shunyata but to no avail. The Jaco in my application continues to quietly, very quietly do its job.
    • Shindo Labs Mr. T
    A wonderful transformer based power conditioner. I believe it is a must for Shindo owners and the black background doesn’t come at the expense of dynamics or soundstage. There is some magic synergy happening because not everything improves when plugged in, depends on the manufacturer of the specific gear you plug in.
    • Devore Fidelity Orangutan
    I’ve owned all the usual suspects (Wilson, Tannoy, Focal, Audio Note, Dynaudio, etc) and have settled in with Devore. I own/owned O93’s, O96’s, OBaby’s and there is a common musical thread…natural and dynamic with a tone for days.
    • Grimm Audio MU-1
    This Roon server and upsampling streamer is truly beyond words. It replaced an Innuos Zenith Mk3 which fed the dac via usb. The Grimm outputs digitally to AES/EBU xlr or spdif rca. Read the reviews, they are all true. One of my better audio purchases in the decades I’ve enjoyed this hobby.
    • Totaldac D1-Tube-Mk3-Streamer
    This amazing dac began its life in 2021 as a D1-Tube-Streamer. It has two 12au7’s internally and prior to the upgrade to Mk3 status, it was very pleasing. The dac originally had one dac ladder per channel and the upgrade to Mk3 added two additional ladders…per channel, for a total of six dac ladders. Absolutely amazing.
    • Shindo Labs Montille CV-391
    2021 version of this exceptionally musical vacuum tube amplifier. Its a real shame more designers haven’t utilized this amazing power tube. The STC/Western Electric CV-391 combines the best traits of the EL84/6BQ5, the 6V6 and a small portion of the 300b. Within its power envelope, it is simply amazing.
    • Shindo Labs Aurieges
    2021 version of this preamplifier that performs as only a Shindo can.
    • Audio Note Jinro
    211 vacuum tube SET integrated amplifier
    • Stillpoints Aperture 2
    Absolutely amazing product. Finally an acoustical product that doesn’t overpower the room visually. I have four: two stacked between the speakers on the front wall behind the speakers, one each at sidewall first reflection points. Absolutely effective while preserving a live feeling to the music.
    • ASC Tubetraps
    Three 13 inch diameter by 36 inch tall stacked in each front corner. Fabulous.
    • Box Furniture Rack
    Four shelf by two wide. Beautifully constructed, sturdy and whether you believe in these things or not, the rack relaxed the sound of the components to the point that all of the various footers and support tweaks became unnecessary.

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Thank you! The Obaby’s are broken in and have returned to the office to make room for the big O’s. They really did flesh out nicely over a couple of hundred hours. All the best. GH


Ghasley nice to finally see your system pics! And what a great system having heard both Shindo and AN gear before I know how good it must sound. Glad to hear the O Baby's are still working out for you.


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