I’m finally done swapping and switching and am settled in to retirement with this system. It’s been a great journey with great sound all along the way.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Audio Physic Avantera+
    Added these speakers about 4 yrs ago to replace my much-loved Genesis 500. Heard them at my local audio shop and loved the detail and soundstage.
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK55SE
    Tube monoblocks for winter use only!
    • Ayre VX-5 Twenty
    Cool-running amp for summer listening
    • Balanced Audio Technology VK53SE
    Balanced preamp
    • Ayre P5-xe
    Solid state phono pre used with my Linn LP12
    • Ayre C5-xe
    Universal disc player
    • Allnic H-1202
    Tube phono preamp used with my VPI Classic Signature
    • Ayon CD 5s
    Tubed upsampling CD player
    • Ayre QX-5 Twenty
    • Linn LP12
    Upgraded over the years to include Keel subchassis
    • VPI Classic Signature
    Has the 10” 3D arm and ADS drive
    • Linn Lingo
    Power supply for the LP12
    • VPI Analog Drive System
    Power supply for the Classic Signature
    • Ortofon Cadenza Bronze
    MC cartridge for my VPI Classic Signature
    • Linn Akiva
    MC cartridge for LP12
    • Allnic Puritas
    MC cartridge for VPI Classic Signature
    • Richard Gray 1200 AC power conditioner
    12-outlet conditioner for my front end components
    • Ensemble power conditioners
    One of these Swiss-made conditioners on my preamp and one on my DAC/streamer
    • Timbernation custom maple racks and amp platforms
    These are fantastic quality wood racks you can order in whatever thickness and configuration and wood grain you prefer. They arrive packed flat but are very easy to fit together. Sturdy and gorgeous.
    • Timbernation LP storage
    I ordered one of my Timbernation racks with a shelf for LP storage. Chris provided custom dividers, stoppers so the LPs don’t slide back too far, and side pieces so they don’t fall out of the sides.
    • Mapleshade 4” maple platform
    I use this under my LP12 just because I had it and needed to store it somewhere.
    • Ikea Billy bookcase
    I converted this for CD storage when I ran out of space on my built-in bookcase

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Hi Smortega—that Ayre QX-5 Twenty is a streamer/DAC so I definitely do streaming, using Roon. The Ayre connects via Ethernet cable to my router upstairs in the office, where my music files reside on my Sonic Transporter i5–a server device from Small Green Computer. All those cool books were my Dad’s—he joined The Heritage Club as a young man and kept up his monthly purchases his whole life. I inherited the collection which was appropriate given I was an English major and grad student! Thanks for your comments. Collections are really old school these days but I’m old school too.


Great collection of hardware and software. No streaming devices, but with all those disks, you have plenty to listen to. Great reading material as well- are those Folio Society editions?


wow!!! inspiring


Awesome system in an awesome room! Thanks for all the pics, great to look thru.


Those are Ansuz power cables—I also have Anduz interconnects. XLO speaker cables. Other cables are from Ensemble and a Sound Sensibilities phono cable on the VPI.


Sounds like an awesome retirement (pun intended). What are the power cords on your amps? I've not seen them before.


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