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Dimensions: 25’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • JRIver Media Centre v27
    > Used to manage my digital music library
    > It's DSP capabilities assign speakers/subs channels to my 8-channel DAC and its convolver runs a FIR filter for frequency response and time domain corrections.
    • exaSound e48 8-Channel DAC
    Stereophile A+ rated digital DAC with 8 channel inputs.
    I use most of the channels to provide me with the most flexibility to control each speaker and sub on an individual basis for crossover freq+slope, delay, polarity reversal, EQ etc. which you can't do using just a 2channel DAC.  It's micro level adjustments rather than macro level with a 2 channel DAC.
    • Teddy Pardo Linear Power Supply
    > used for the exaSound DAC
    • PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Preamplifier
    > build like a heavy tank and great sounding
    • PS Audio BHK Signature Premium stereo power amp
    > Bascom H King designed 250watts/8ohms hybrid amp with a tube input stage and solid state output stage
    • Acoustic Zen Crescendo MKI speakers
    > awesome looking and sounding main speakers that are fed by the PS Audio BHK Signature stereo amp or sometimes biamped with the same amp plus a VAC Renaissance 30/30 300B tube amp
    • Rythmik F15 subwoofers (two)
    > servo controlled, 300watt subwoofers - two in total
    • RPG Skyline Diffusors (both the 7" and 4" versions)
    • Dayton Audio OmniMic acoustical measurement software tool
    • Audiolense XO Frequency & Time Domain Acoustical Measurement & Correction Software
    > used to create FIR filters that run in JRiver convolver that correct frequency response and time domain problems.
    > extremely flexible and powerful but has a steep learning curve
    > very effective at smoothing out the sound and reducing listening fatigue caused by out of phase drivers/speakers and aligning the frequency response to my customized target curve.
    • TEO Audio GCII RCA Interconnects
    • Audio Sensibility Signature Speaker Cables and Jumpers
    • Cardas Clear Power Cables

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