My vintage audiophile set up, quality sound for the price point.

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Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • Musical Fidelity KW 500 Amp
    Power, power, power, clean and detailed, bass to spare, hardly breathes to bring concert level sound. Milspec, built, i love it.  I was second owner, it arrived kinda beaten up, but it still sounded great, so i kept it. Use it in my vinyl rig, with a 5.1 set up for SACDs and DVD/Blu-ray concerts using a vintage Yamaha flagship for the center and rear channels and balance the two amps by ear.
    • Audio Research PH 3 (upgraded) Phono pre-amp
    Vintage tubes, lovely sound for my vintage system. Connected to my KW500 with Tara  Labs 0.8 interconnects.
    • Clearaudio Anniversary
    Clearaudio 25th Anniversary Turntable with TT2 Tangential tone arm with the first generation of Clearaudio Goldfinger Cart. The synergy is gorgeous.
    • Vienna Acoustics Beethovens and Mozarts
    Beethovens give musical, detailed sound as my main speakers with Mozarts as my surround speakers.  Connected with vintage MIT- 750 speaker cables. Sound is  impressive for the price point. A-rated sounding amp, turntable, and phono pre with B-rated speakers. Still good enough to being me to tears with a well-produced album.

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FYI….Lots of audio gear lasts 50+ years.  Very few other consumer products can make the same claim, with a little maintenance, if needed?  Talk about a great value over time.  Enjoy!!


Jond, thank you! I love my table. The rest IS great 90s gear, but it was 10-15 years old when I bought the amp and preamp used to replace my (very) vintage Pioneer from the 1970s.  I don't know what the audiophile standard for vintage is, I just figured 10 years is a “lifetime” for gear, so i considered it vintage, lol. I’m old, so everything i own is vintage, lol. The Clearaudio Anniversary table was my second upgrade from my vintage upgrade. I still have my Clearaudio revolution TT—my first step into audiophile vinyl—its sitting in a friend’s system right now. The Revolution (2003-ish?) with the PH3 was a HUGE step up from the pioneer. The Anniversary was a measured step up from there in resolution, dynamics, bass weighting’s, etc. Love my TT. The Oppo 105 is no slouch for digital playback—I forgot to mention it.


Really nice system I wouldn't call it vintage more great 90's gear and killer table!


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