I’m in the final stages of assembling a system in a largely unused play room in the house before installing it in a slightly larger and more rectangular downstairs den. Just dipping my toes into streaming, I still have a lot of questions.

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Warfedale W-E70 Vintage Speakers
    The E70’s are configured with 15 in woofers, 5+ in midrange and Mylar tweeters. They are mounted on 24 in Sound Anchor stands and sound wonderful to my ears. They are all-original, I am the 3rd owner.
    • McIntosh Labs C100 Controller
    Current: Two-piece preamp with balanced inputs and outputs; stellar phono section with both moving magnet and moving coil inputs, (the MC section uses Ortofon branded step-up transformers),  has a main out plus two speaker/amp outputs switchable from the front or remote, has both a listening loop and recording loop for insertion of equalizer or other signal processing equipment. Displays output in either dB or as a percentage, volume control in either 1 dB or 1/2 dB increments, mono, mute, balance controls, maintenance-free switches. All analog, purchased with thought I wouldn’t need to buy another preamp in my lifetime.
    • McIntosh MC252 Precision Stereo Amplifier
    Current: Transistorized amplification 2 x 250 Watts, bridgable, bi-ampable, balanced and unbalanced inputs, cinchable binding posts that accept banana plugs, dual power meters, with light switch, remote on with 1/8” tip/ring cable —what’s not to like? Will see how it compares to Rogue’s Stereo 100.
    • Schiit Freya+
    Former: Preamp with three personalities: (1) completely passive, (2) FET buffered, (3) Tube gain stage. I find the FET buffer delivers the cleanest sound, but the tubes are fun. It is offered with a remote, and I recommend its use because the user is likely to become frustrated using the manual controls (I know I was). The controls situation, it’s lack of visibility, etc. prompted the purchase of the McIntosh C100.
    • Rogue Audio Stereo 100
    Former: Tube amp 100 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, 4 Ohm taps also available. I purchased for the ‘tube sound’ but discovered tube distortion as well, bass also not up to every recording, but wonderful for the stuff I like (double bass of a jazz trio).
    • Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Digital-Analog Converter (DAC)
    Current: Top-of-the-line DAC, purchased at a steep discount during COVID as a ‘Garage-Sale’ unit configured with the older Analog cards and USB interface, but upgraded later to  ‘Less-is-More’ status. I find it has great sound stage and imaging which the upgrades have only enhanced and solidified. I’m currently using only the AES/EBU and RCA coax inputs, the USB is available for connecting a phone directly. I may consider upgrading this component in the future, but at the moment I have no complaints.
    • Madrigal Audio Laboratories Proceed PDT3 Disc Transport
    Current: Otherwise known as “the Toaster” because it is about the size of one. I purchased it for its AES/EBU output which has been fantastic to my ears. I have yearned for a SACD player, but not so much anymore; I’ve come to the conclusion that a High Res source, can, at best equal a well-recorded Redbook CD. Still might upgrade this component in the future, but right now the AES/EBU interface avoid ‘input congestion’ at the DAC. Not many DACs allow for 2 or 3 AES/EBU inputs, but I would welcome one that did, then I could use the AES/EBU output from my network bridge as well.
    • Auralic Aries wireless bridge
    The original version of the Aries which came with the ultra quiet power supply. Works great over the manufacturer’s supplied application on my iPhone. I can also use it as a Roon endpoint. It is NOT connected via an Ethernet cable as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. It is installed in the room with the music playback equipment; the other digital communications equipment, router, server, NAS, etc. are in a different room. Very pleased with unit’s performance and convenience.
    • Music Hall MMF-5.3 Belt Drive Turntable
    Ticked all my boxes, two-piece plinth sandwiching a vibration-damping layer, weighted, not spring-loaded anti-skate, three (not four) legs, even has a spirit-level built in. Instantly solved all the problems I was having with trying to integrate two Numark professional turntables (bad hum from worn out cartridge, unshielded transformer under platter).
    • LinkSys Dual Band Router 4 ports
    Used for the internal network and for the added wireless connections

    • Western Digital EX2 Ultra My Cloud
    Network Attached Storage Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, or, NAS RAID array, I think it has a storage capacity of 4 Terabytes on the 8 Terabytes of included disk space. I haven’t used much of it yet. Hardwired to Link Sys high speed router. Can also be accessed via WiFi.
    • Sonic Transporter i5 (Gen 3) Nano-6200-FS
    Music server with internal 4 gigabyte SSD hard drive from Small Green Computers. Hard wired to the Link Sys high speed router. Can also be accessed via WiFi. It serves in the same role as a computer might and the Roon app is installed on it; the Auralic Aries (original) renders the files and streams it controls.

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Cool system I love those vintage Whafdale's I hope your new room works out well!