I’m in the final stages of assembling a system in a largely unused play room in the house before installing it in a slightly larger and more rectangular downstairs den.

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Rogue Audio Stereo 100
    Tube amp 100 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, 4 Ohm taps also available
    • McIntosh Labs C100 Controller
    Two-piece preamp with balanced inputs and outputs; stellar phono section with both moving magnet and moving coil inputs, (the MC section uses Ortofon branded step-up transformers),  has a main out plus two speaker/amp outputs switchable from the front or remote, has both a listening loop and recording loop for insertion of equalizer or other signal processing equipment. Displays output in either dB or as a percentage, volume control in either 1 dB or 1/2 dB increments, mono, mute, balance controls, maintenance-free switches. All analog, purchased with thought I wouldn’t need to buy another preamp in my lifetime.
    • Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Digital-Analog Converter (DAC)
    Top-of-the-line DAC, purchased at a steep discount during COVID as a ‘Garage-Sale’ unit configured with the older Analog cards and USB interface, but upgraded later to  ‘Less-is-More’ status. I find it has great sound stage and imaging which the upgrades have only enhanced and solidified. I’m currently using only the AES/EBU and RCA coax inputs, the USB is available for connecting a phone directly.
    • Madrigal Audio Laboratories Proceed PDT3 Disc Transport
    Otherwise known as “the Toaster” because it is about the size of one. I purchased it for its AES/EBU output which has been fantastic to my ears.
    • Auralic Aries wireless bridge
    The original version of the Aries which came with the ultra quiet power supply. Works great over the manufacturer’s supplied application on my i-phone. I can also use it as a Roon endpoint.
    • Music Hall MMF-5.3 Belt Drive Turntable
    Ticked all my boxes, two-piece plinth sandwiching a vibration-damping layer, weighted, not spring-loaded anti-skate, three (not four) legs, even has a spirit-level built in.
    • Warfedale W-E70 Vintage Speakers
    The E70’s are configured with 15 in woofers, 5+ in midrange and Mylar tweeters. They are mounted on 24 in Sound Anchor stands and sound wonderful to my ears. They are all-original, I am the 3rd owner.

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Cool system I love those vintage Whafdale's I hope your new room works out well!


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