Although I had a nice audio system for the last 15 years, I really started getting serious about the hobby about 5 years ago. This is my latest system after going through several iterations and gear swapping. I consider myself blessed to enjoy the music in a dedicated listening room that I can set up any way I like :)

I have also added some older pictures to show the progression over the years. I had tried a lot more variations but unfortunately don't have pics for some other speakers and components I had in the same room.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene
    The Joseph Audio Perspective2 are by far the best speaker I've ever owned. It took everything I loved about Harbeth and added a more modern touch.
    • Audio Hungary Qualiton a50i
    After cycling through a number of solid state and tube amps, the Qualiton a50i is the one that checked all the right boxes for me.
    • Denafrips Terminator II
    I really like R2R topology and the T2 does not disappoint. Amazing sound with a massive soundstage.
    • Gigawatt Powerprime
    Excellent power conditioner
    • Innuos Zenith MK3
    Lovely streamer and server. I also run it as Roon Core.
    • Network Acoustics Eno AG
    • GIK Acoustics Acoustic Panels
    One of the best changes I made to my system. I was shocked by the level of improvement the panels brought to the system.
    • SwissCables Reference Speaker Cables
    SwissCables reference speaker cables are truly amazing. They are very balanced and musical in my system.
    • SwissCables Reference Power Cord
    Power cord for the integrated amplifier
    • SwissCables Reference RCA Cables
    Connecting the Denafrips Terminator II DAC to the amplifier.
    • Gigawatt LC-1 EVO power cord
    Power cord for the Gigawatt Powerprime power conditioner
    • Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme Power Cord
    For the Denafrips DAC
    • REL S/510 subwoofers (x 2)
    A pair of REL S/510 subs. The subs were a substantial improvement over the REL T9i's that they replaced.
    • Z Audio Audio Racks
    Z Audio makes some of the best and reasonably priced audio furniture. Highly recommended!
    • Silnote Epirus Elite Master Reference USB Cable
    USB Cable for the DAC and streamer.

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@singere I found Z Audio in Audiogon ads. The gentleman's name is Terry Nielsen and he's based out of Austin. He used to advertise regularly on Audiogon but I don't see any ads from him anymore. Not sure if he's still in business.


@baylinor Thanks for the compliment and I appreciate the subwoofer placement advice. Believe me, I have tried at least 10 different positions/combos and the one you see in the pics sounds the best to my ears. One difference (since I took the picture) is that now the subs are pulled out further such that they sit flush with the speakers and much closer to them. When I tried the position you mentioned, I felt that the right speaker was dominating the soundscape a bit more. I find my current setup a bit more balanced. But the truth is that I'm still fussing with speaker positioning (you know how it goes) and I might end up again with what you're suggesting.


@rman9 Sorry just saw your comments. First of all, thank you for the compliments. I see that you have already ordered Rogers High Fidelity. I used to own his 65v2 SET amp and absolutely loved it. The build quality was off the charts and the sound was very exquisite. I like my Qualiton a50i a lot, but I doubt the EHF 200 is any less spectacular. You're going to love the class A sound. In fact, I might end up with this same model in the future. Who knows. Congrats!


@arafiq I ended up ordering the Rogers High Fidelity EHF 200 MK2. Got cold feet on the Qualiton, after hearing from members here on the hassle if something were to go wrong.. Hope I made the right choice..


Where did you get the Z Audio Rack? Can't find on the net. if you can provide any contact information or website that would be great. Thanks.


Very nice! I had my dual subs positioned kind of like yours, but following recommendations made on this site about placing them on opposite walls did wonder for the low end in my room. See my house of stereo system. The right sub is basically placed like yours, but the left one is about a third of the way down along the left wall.  Having them in a stereo position was good for the listening position but caused some heavy booming along the back wall. Now it just sounds right everywhere. It may not be an issue for you but was a big one for me. Wanted to share. Enjoy!


Impressive system. Awesome speakers. If it were me I would add a flatscreen


Hello Arafiq.  Very nice system and room.  Your investment, time and attention to detail is obvious.  I hope you get to enjoy the listening as often as you’d wish.  Question: could you describe the speaker platforms?  I’m looking to change/upgrade mine and really like how yours look seamless with the speakers and room.  Thanks for your time!


Beautiful setup!
Oh how I dream of having a dedicated room.

Thanks for sharing.


Also @arafiq hopefully this is not too invasive.. I have been thinking about getting a Vac tube integrated and been thinking about the Audio Research i50.. Also I hear great things about the Audio Hungary brand and I notice that in your setup. If it's not trouble would you be able to tell me where you got the qualiton from? Do you miss tone control with that Amp?


@arafiq Absolutely!! All JA speakers have that beautiful sweetness to it with that infinite slope design.. Fit and  finish are second to none. I am jealous :0)  I am absolutely in love with the 595ASE, don't let the lower wattage fool you.. It fills up the big room with such command and drives the Magicos and Salk with ease.. I am a big sucker for Class A.. I notice you have the Denafrips.. I recently got the Hifi Rose RS150B, real nice DAC.. I see ARC gear in your setup. Again, beautiful taste!!


@rman9 Thank you for your kind words. The Perspective2's are indeed world-class speakers that I'm enjoying very much. I'm also a huge fan of Luxman (owned 590AXII up until last year) as well. I see that you have the 595 ... what do you think about it? If I ever go back to SS, the 595 will most likely be the final contender.


Just beautiful.. I bet you enjoy those Joseph Audio Perspective2s.. I use to have the RM22Si, but when I was looking into the Perspective2/Pearl, I waited for a facetime call with Jeff and I never got that call. I ended up getting Magicos.. All my gear is Luxman, Luxman and more..


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