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Dimensions: 18’ × 30’  X large
Ceiling: 16’

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    • Vandersteen Sub 3. 2 units w/m5 crossovers
    • Vandersteen Model 3a signature speakers
    • BDI Equipment cabinet
    • Exact Power Systems Ep15A.
    • LUMIN U1 Mini. With sbooster power supply
    • OPPO 105
    • Hegel HD30 dac
    • Audio Research Ref6 preamp
    • Audio Research Ref75se amp
    • AudioQuest Earth balanced pre to amp
    • AudioQuest Water balanced dac to pre
    • AudioQuest Diamond usb Lumin to dac
    • Luxor wireless Ethernet bridge Audioquest Vapor Ethernet cable to Lumin
    • AudioQuest Castle Rock. True biwire speaker cables
    • Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Podiums for speakers
    • Townshend Audio Isolation bars for subs
    • Townshend Audio Isolation Platform for amp
    • Nobsound Springs under smaller components
    • Silnote Audio Posiedin GS Reference power cables

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Deepak, Thank you.

The podiums and bars under my speakers and subs was a major improvement.  The floor is suspended wood joists over a basement and the house resonated terribly.  The townshend products completely fixed that issue.

I can't say I heard a major improvement with the platform under my amp but because my subs have to be placed so close to my components I thought I would give them a try to isolate.  I can say I have no ill effects from the subs so close so in the end I am happy with the platform.


Beautiful system with very respectable components. Congratulations! 

Was there a discernible difference due to the Townshend Audio Isolation platform for your amp? Do tell. FYI for my own speakers, the Townshend Podiums helped tame the booming bass and were worth every penny.



ARC/Vandy about as classic an American system you can get.


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