Tube and SS system. Tubes with Merlins in winter, SS with Apogee in summer.

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    • Odyssey Audio Khartargo Mono Blocks
    Upgraded Caps and power supply
    • Apogee Acoustics Centaur Minor
    • Roksan Caspian CD
    Very nice player
    • VTL TL-5.5
    NOS Tubes
    • VTL ST-85
    NOS 6ca7 Fat Boys 4 NOS 12at7
    • Merlin TSMXE
    Silver Gloss
    • Apogee Acoustics Centaur Minor
    In Mint Condition
    • CRL BlueNote
    1.5 meter
    • Harmonic Technology Truth Link
    1.5 meter
    • Velodyne Veledyne
    SMS 8
    • Cardas Quadlink
    6ft. Pair Cold Forged
    • Cardas Twinlink
    2.5 Meter
    • Denon Denon
    DRM 810
    • Osiris Osiris
    Heavy sand filed
    • BDR Racing Cones 3 and 4
    Those things, plus cones under all .
    • Richard power Station 4 plug input
    Every thing plugged in but amps.
    • Marigo Power Cords RMX
    2 5ft.
    • Dual 505-1
    Oldie but goodie
    • Yamaha N/a
    Plays dvd, sacd

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