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Dimensions: 12’ × 14’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Zu Audio Soul MKII
    Soul MkII - Custom ‘67 Corvette Gray
    • VPI Industries Prime
    • First Watt J2
    • Melody Valve Hifi PB101
    • Manley Chinook
    • Zu Audio Undertone Subwoofer
    • Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC
    • Audience ADEPT RESPONSE AR-12
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    • Zu Audio Event MkII
    Speaker, interconnects and power are all Event MkII

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Very nice setup. Great finish on those Zu's! What platforms are they sitting on?


@jmalen I’m terrible at describing things in audiophile-speak, but I’ll give it a try. 

Positives - The speakers just disappear and the imaging is spectacular. Vocals are simply amazing and the singer is right in front of you. The system excels at dynamics and can handle any type of music. The system plays loud (really loud) but also sounds great at low volume. The Undertone blends seamlessly with the speakers and people are shocked at the realistic bass response that the system provides. The Undertone can handle everything from pipe organs and stand up bass to hip-hop beats. 

Negative - Unforgiving of bad recordings. The system is very transparent and lays bare those recordings that are less than great. 

I’m very happy with my system.  The feedback I’ve gotten from my audio friends, is that my system is just a hair behind another system among our group of friends and that system cost around $80,000. I will say that that system does sound spectacular, and it is more forgiving of source material. 

I’ve been a Zu fan since they first launched and had their first iteration of the Druids. I am looking to upgrade to the latest version of the Soul speakers.  I am also eying a Pass Labs XA 30.8 just to see how it sounds compared to the J2. The Undertone is not going anywhere, ever. The Melody PB101 is probably never going anywhere. 

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Am curious to read of your experience with the Zu speakers. The sub combo must sound spectacular. What do they do best, and what do they lack.


Wish to components were better labeled so I don't have to try to figure them all out.

Looks like a nice system


Love your system. Big fan of Zu Audio, very nice enjoy the music.


Nice system! Zu's and Nelson Pass amps work very well together.


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