This is my system for now. I am rebuilding. The Nord amp is absolutely amazing.  I listen to 99% Roon to the SMLS SU-9.  I switch it to Sonos when my wife wants to use it as she is way more comfortable in the Sonos App.  I don't listen to a lot of vinyl anymore, but have kept it for those nostalgic moments.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 25’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • APC H15
    • Hana SL MC
    • SMSL SU-9
    DAC & Preamp - great little product
    • Sonos PORT
    For wife & kids convenience
    • Emotiva XPS-1 Gen 2
    MM/MC Load Adjustable Phono Stage
    • Yamaha CD-N301
    • Rega P3
    • Hsu Research VTF-15H MK2
    • Focal Aria 926
    • Nord Acoustics NC500 MKII Dual Mono SE
    Nord Acoustics Signature Edition NC500 MKII Dual Mono, Silver Finish

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It sounds great.  I used to have a Rogue Ares Tube Phono Preamp, but I wasn't using the TT enough to justify the space so turned it into funds for other equipment and "downgraded" to the Emotive XPS-1 - which actually sounds great, supports 4 different ohm loads for MM/MC and takes up nearly no space in the back of the rack.  The TT gets broken out every once in a while for nostalgia.  99% of my listening is digital now -> Roon -> SMSL DAC, which sounds amazing, especially DSD.



Nice setup 
How does the Rega Sound with the Hana SL ?



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