As you can see, I am into late seventies vintage hifi. I feel that to my ears, this is an extraordinary combo that I can tailor to any type of music since I listen to varied types of music with 60s/70s rock/folk being my favorite closely followed by 60s Jazz and some blues.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 23’

Components Toggle details

    • Technics SL-PS50 CD Player
    Single CD player 4D/IC
    • Yamaha K-90 Natural Sound cassette deck
    Stereo fully automatic continuous playback double cassette deck
    • Celestion Ditton 66 mk II Speakers
    Fully restored, recapped, etc.
    • Luxman PD-121 Turntable
    SME 3009 series II Improved Tonearm
    Soundsmith Carmen Mark II ES Cartridge
    • Yamaha CR-2020 Receiver / integrated amp
    Fully restored mint condition
    • Akai 4000ds mkII Reel to Reel tape player
    All original, cleaned and serviced

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Thanks Jond. The Luxman also plays fantastic. Ultra quiet and stable. The only sounds you hear are the needle drop and the music. A forever piece.


Love the vintage look and that Luxman looks fantastic!


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