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    • Schiit Audio Freya+
    Balanced Remote Control Preamp 
    Tubes are 6SN7 (4)
    Remote Control
    Nordost  Sort Kone  AC (3)
    1 inch Butcher Block Platform
    • VPI Industries Traveler Turntable
    Belt Driven 
    ORTOFON MC Quintet Blue cartridge
    Ginko Audio ClaraVu Dust Cover & Isolation Platform on 4 rubber balls
    Sound Organization Platform 
    • Kharma Ceramique 2.2 Speakers
    BLACK PIANO FINISH with ISOACOUSTICS Gaia II Isolation Footers
    • Nordost Blue Heaven
    Speaker Cables and interconnects rca & balanced
    • NAD PP 2i Phono Preamplifier
    External 24 volt power supply
    • Parasound Zphono Phono Preamplifier
    Will amplify MC and MM cartridges.
    • Denafrips Ares II DAC
    • Marantz SA 8004 SUPER Audio CD Player
    • Odyssey Audio Kismet in a STRATOS Chassis
    Stereo power amp 2 x 150 Watts RMS @8 Ohms

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Those are some pretty fantastic speakers! Kind of an interesting mix of components given the pedigree of the Kharma's.  I would imagine they will hold up through quite a few upgrades upstream.


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