EDIT: (The room ended up sounding so good it was time for a more fitting speaker, the new Sopra 3's have been in place for a week) Bought a new place and finally have a dedicated room for my gear instead of integrating it into my living room. While the old space was visually appealing, it had several drawbacks relating to the wall/stair configuration. The new space is nearly square (bummer) measuring at 20.3 x 20' x 8', but has turned out quite well. The best part is the floor is constructed of 2x4's directly on a concrete slab, so it's very stable. Judicious use of GIK room treatments has tamed the beast. The soundstage is much larger than the old place, and the detail/depth is over the top for me. It's the best sounding room I've ever had. I just can't seem to get enough time in there.
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Dimensions: 21’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    Nice lineup.
    Most of the systems here far exceed what I am willing to pay.
    I do admire your taste in guitars. My decidedly low budget system consists
    primarily of components that most laugh at, Yamaha, Technics, KEF and Sony.
    However, I do have several Martins including a D-18GE with a sound to die for.
    Love your system and guitars, Enjoy.


    Love the space, and all the records.  Apply the initiative to put ceiling tiles up this probably really makes a difference.


    You certainly did a great job bringing this room alive, great job!
    Nice diffusers to. I’ll be looking into those shortly.
    Enjoy your music and life in your new home! 🙂


    If I am interpreting this picture correctly, there is a table with  a lot of stuff on it between the listening position and the speakers. This would make anything like correct stereo perception out of the question.  You should remove the table and all the junk on it and have nothing between you and the speakers.


    you should try the Townsend podiums underneath the speakers I know they're expensive but it'll be like changing your whole system it's that much better, will stop all the vibrations of the speakers and the Earth will open them up quite a bit.


    That is a nice size room, should everything sound great! I also have a set of the Focal 948’s …how do you like them?


    Great room and I agree that the old room was too cramped . Taming that old  room must have been a challenge .
    That new room seems ideal in space, lighting (fantastic relaxing lighting) so enjoy it to the fullest .


    Nice room - especially like the ceiling panels - have you tried removing the table?


    Thanks for the reply. Might give the dampers a try, if I am able to find a supplier around my area/region. Cheers @bimmerman2


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    The rings on the tubes are dampers from Herbies. I run them on the tubes in the Herron as well. They are supposed to limit vibrations from reaching the signal tubes. I can't hear any difference with them installed or removed, but I figure trying to keep things from vibrating is a good thing. Some say they can effect the sound negatively, but this hasn't been my personal experience.


    Beautiful space you have there. Well thought out and executed. 

    Couldn't help wondering what are those things that you have on the front row of your Primaluna tubes? Are they bumpers of some kind? Do they make a difference to the sound that you hear? 

    Enjoy the music and your beautiful room @bimmerman2 !


    Looks great and well thought out.  Nice job on executing your vision!


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