Since I first purchased new-old stock B&W's in 2009 (then 22 years old), I have been hooked on hifi and have become an obsessive 2nd hand hunter. Over the year I have built a total giant slayer, and now have four systems throughout the house with five total zones. 

My wife has been bitten by the bug and enjoys hunting gear with me, and has built a system of her own with some components of mine, and some of hers. In 2020 we bought our first house (right before prices took off). We are on 1.4 acres and have much room for privacy and volume. Not to worry though, turns out my neighbor is a total audiophile as well and has a basement 5.1 with Infinity Kappa speakers, a ProJect 'table, and a *very large* SVS sub. The neighborhood has never sounded better!!

Main rig
* listed here *

Wife's hifi 
Wharfedale EM97
Fisher PL-6 panel speakers
Denon 1910
ProJect Debut III w/speedbox
Ortofon 2M Blue
Salamander Design Synergy

B&W DM 602.5
Sony DA7ES
Salamander Designs Archtype
* all the childhood/retro video games hooked up and ready to go *

Mission Argonaut
Pioneer Elite HT receiver of yesteryear

Klipsch AW-650 tied to main system listed here

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    • Jamo Concert 11
    The single greatest score I've ever gotten and most likely ever will. Found these at an online local sale. There was other hi end gear there that was priced well but over my head. These were however priced *way below* their market value... Im guessing they looked at other models when researching!  I knew Jamo the brand, but didn't know about the Concert series until I saw these. I recognized the Seas drivers and immediately knew they were something special. 

    I am nearly two years into owning them and am still head over heals in all regards. I really cannot imagine replacing them at this point. They really seem to be the perfect size for my room and sound oh so great. Nearly full range (rated to 30hz), and are so open and effortless sounding. The best comparison I can think of is melted butter; warm and rich, but still clear fluid.
    • Martin Logan Dynamo
    Sealed 10" design that really sounds great. These cant be cranked and rattle badly when strained...  but considering the Jamo's bass levels, my room, and volume tastes it never get to that level. Great bottom end weight and fills out basslines well. Lives on a Auralex Subdude which allowed me to use it as a renter for years!
    • Denon POA-5000
    An absolute multichannel monster in Champaign gold. Front channels are rated at 160W into 6 ohms, but is also rated for 6 ohm mono, implying the amp is well suited down to 3 ohms in stereo. Copper chassis, 50+ pounds, and absolute top notch build quality outside and in!

    Front channels power the Concert 11s and rear channels go to a pair of outdoor Klipsch's for the backyard. The backyard is fed a fixed signal, there is an inline volume switch in the garage. This allows the music to continue on into the backyard when entertaining, but not be effected by volume changes inside at the stereo.
    • PS Audio Digital Link 3
    At this point this is the longest last piece in the system, I bought this off of Audiogon in October 2010 and have somewhat built around it. These seemed to be in many great systems over the years and a proven hifi winner. Neat, simple, solid.

    Every upgrade there after has shown through and I have never had a single hiccup out of it operationally. I'm a sucker for the fat aluminum faceplate and just run the optical from the TV. All the gaming/streaming sources are ran into the TV.
    • Marantz SR4023
    Late-era receiver used as a 2.1 pre. This has been in the system for years, and powered some B&W 600 series towers for years when I was first starting out. But it's probably going to be replaced soon. I'm always on the hunt for local preamps and have an overall idea of what I would want, it's just being at the right place at the right time at this point!
    • Sony S7700
    ES-era DVD player with the super cool drop-down faceplate. Used for occasional CD use and comparing recordings/sources.

    Five buck Goodwill score with box and all goodies. This era of Sony is getting cheaper and cheaper and are such great machines. Im always on the hunt for an ES SACD deal local.
    • BDI Avion Series I
    Nearly the nicest furniture in the house! Great build and looks, my wife and I both love the mid-century style design. This is also the generation with the soft-close hinges. The cherry wood is a fairly close match to the Concert 11's and fits the wall, though it is a pinch snug. I know hiding gear is audio taboo but it's just so nice. I removed the  top center drawer for amp space; I like to rotate through my amps from time to time and this gives easier access (and shows them off!). The air gets warm in there but when reading temps with a heat gun, the internals of the amp is no different than if on top of the stand.

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Beautiful gear, done well and with a great story. It really does my heart good to see someone love the building as much as the listening and sharing it with your wife must be fabulous. Jam one for me.


re: Interpunk -- For sure.  In the early 200s I was in college in NH at the time.  If Newbury Comics didn't have the punk or hardcore record I was looking for then Interpunk always came through.


I also have a s7700 that I bought 20 years ago. The drop-down faceplate for loading CDs is super cool . Don't listen to CDs very often but I do like the CD player.

I especially Love the figurine sitting ever so comfortably on a really nice looking cabinet


Nice budget systems.


Can I ask where you like to hunt for equipment? I am always switching up and only buy used audio.


Thanks for the kind words everyone! I've seen a few of your systems posted as well. Specifically mjcmt, I've loved seeing your gear evolve over the years. Your Seas speakers (among others) helped me identify my Jamo's as something really special.

bomd - LOVE interpunk! I remember the early 2000s that was *the* site for punk albums and swag. Have gotten many a thing from them, glad to see some love here on audiogon

It has been a fun hobby, both building the hifi and hunting new gear. It's a bit of a catch 22; it's sad to see more and more hifi stores fade away, but with 90s/2000s gear being so out of vogue in the eye of the general public, it makes prices and opportunities better than ever. But I digress...  time for more music!


Nice simple looking system….enjoy!!!


You and I may be the only Interpunk shopper here on Audiogon.  Haha!
Jokes aside love your collection of gear and different systems


Nice collection of 'bargain hunting' stereo selection. I know the Concert 8 and 11 well since they were conceived w/ Seas Excel drivers. Every so many years Jamo continues the tradition of making audiophile the Oriel w/ Dynaudio drivers and the R909 and R907 open baffle speakers.


Nice systems! And your "modest" digs are lovely also very cool that your wife has her own system and is stealing your gear!


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