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Dimensions: 19’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 7’

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    • Sony CDP-CX400
    CD player and storage
    • Sony CDP-XA20es
    CD player
    • Bluesound Node 2
    • Schiit Audio Bifrost Multibit 2
    • Schiit Audio Freya plus
    Tube preamp
    • Parasound A21
    Power stereo amp
    • Marantz DV-6400
    DVD player
    • Samsung HDTV
    55 inch high def TV
    • Rythmik Audio F12SE
    • Vandersteen 2 CE sig II

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Very nice system and comfy looking room you have there!


Thanks for the nice comment. After trying different things with the speakers I noticed that correct placement and tilt made the most impact for quality sound. Moving the stands on wheels and getting the speakers elevated made a big difference. I don't normally like to modify the speaker itself but actually adding the subs, dialing them in also helped the lower freqs come out. I am lucky my room has non-perfect wood paneling that really helps with reflection and diffusing the sound. Also removing old shag carpet and adding the area rug didn't hurt or help the room acoustics.


Nice system had Vandy 2 my self 
don't know why you have them on dollies but if you take them off fill the stands with dry sand you will tighten the bass and focus the top end

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