These are most of the electronic components in my dedicated media room, which I use for music listening and movie watching.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 21’  Large
Ceiling: 16’

Components Toggle details

    • Theta Digital Casablanca V
    Preamp-processor with internal 12-channel DAC
    • Wadia Wadia 8 CD transport and Digimaster DDC 2000 DAC (w/all updates)
    • Theta Digital Compli CD transport
    • OPPO UDP-203
    Universal disc player
    • LUMIN T2 Music Server/DAC
    • Roon Labs Nucleus+ (w/Teddy Pardo linear power supply)
    • SOTA Sapphire turntable (w/Premier FT3 arm and Hana SL cartrigde)
    • Sweetvinyl SC-2NVR
    Non-destructive click and pop removal; also, service noise removal
    • PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp
    • Magnum Dynalab MD-102 FM tuner
    (with MD-205 Signal Sleuth FM antenna amplifier and ST-2 FM antenna)
    • McIntosh MC-611 monaural power amplifier
    Three of these 600-watt amps to drive left-main, center, and right-main speakers.
    • Krell FPB-200c stereo power amplifier
    to drive left-side and right-side speakers
    • Krell KAV-250a stereo amplifier
    to drive left-rear and right-rear speakers
    • Revel Ultima Loudspeakers
    Studios (2) for left-main and right-main speakers
    Voice (1) for center channel speaker
    Embrace (4) for left and right side and rear speakers
    • SVS Subwoofer
    SB-16 Ultra (2) for left and right front locations
    3000 Micro (2) for left and right rear locations
    • Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8
    Main speaker cables
    • Cardas, Kimber Kable, MIT, Shunyata, and Wireworld Various interconnect cables
    • Shunyata Research Various power distributors and cables
    Denali 2000/T power distributor (2)
    Denali 6000S power distributor (1)
    Hydra (original) power distributor (1)
    Hydra Two power distributor (1) 
    Venom PS10 power distributor (1)
    Defender (2)
    Delta, Venom, PowerSnake, and Sidewinder power cables (numerous)
    • Richard Gray Substation (1) and 400 Pro (1)
    • Luxul AGS-1024 AV Ethernet switch
    • VTI Equipment rack (2)
    • Bill Bags Equipment rack (4)
    • Kaleidescape Various components
    Alto player (1)
    Disc server (2)

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Thank you both. The three McIntosh MC 611 mono amplifiers drive my L-C-R speakers. Two Krell stereo amps handle my side and rear sets of speaker.  When listening to two-channel, only the L and R amps are on; for multi-channel, all seven speakers are going strong. In addition, the four SVS subwoofers are always on.