Needing to snap some pics for insurance purposes, I thought I would post my system in its temporary surroundings. A major home renovation has the family living in temporary digs and my listening room has seen a bit of a compromise. Say what you will about the positioning of my speakers, subs, and even how my gear is housed on my garage-made media cabinet...this is what I have to work with for the time being. The sound diffusers are also garage made. Despite it all, the sound is still unbelievably sublime!

Room Details

Dimensions: -18’ × 14’  
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Aric Audio Motherlode Preamp
    The original Motherlode and first Aric built in an attempt to recreate TRL's, The Dude. He succeeded, and then some!
    • WoodSong Audio Garrard 301
    Completely rebuilt/restored by Chris featuring a mahogany plinth, Ortofon 12" arm, Ortofon SPU MC Cart, 60hz(rare) strobed platter with strobe light
    • Found Music IC's, Power Cable, and Speaker Cable
    • Hegel HD-30
    • Manley Steelhead
    • Coda Model 16
    • JL Audio F112 V2(2)
    • TAD Compact Evolution 1

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Fantastic system and great looking room and that 301 is to die for. But love it all the TAD's the Manley/Aric/Coda combo thanks for sharing!