System Overview
PS Audio Power Plant Premier Line Conditioner 

NUC Rock running Roon 

PS Audio Directstream DAC via Singxer SU-6's I2S output, 

Balanced Audio Technology 3xi Preamp to Marchand Electronics XM44-4 Active Crossover 

Simaudio Moon Evolution W-7 Amp feeding VMPS RM-V60 mid and treble section

VMPS RM-V60 speakers modified by moving three bass drivers located in pedestal to separate cabinets. 

Balanced Audio Technology VK-220 Amp feeding VMPS RM-V60 bass section 

Dayton Audio SA1000 amps (pair) feeding pair of VMPS Larger Subwoofers

Interconnects Harmonic Tech Silway II and Kimber KCAG

Speaker cables Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun modified to have one run for bass and other for mids/treble, Canare 4S11 for subwoofers.

Music Preferences
Listening interests: Alternative/Indi Rock, Pop/Rock, Neo-psychedelia, Electronic, R&B, Bluegrass, with a smattering of Classical and Jazz.

Room Description and Treatment

Room: 16.5’ wide X 26’ long X 8’ ceiling, carpeted.
Acoustic Treatment

Room treatment is GIK acoustics and home made panels using mineral wool and Guilford of Main covering.

Tuning and Tweaks
Went with active crossover, so drivers are driven directly from amplifiers. Used digital XO and REW to determine XO points and slopes. Then replaced digital XO with Marchand analog XO. 

Was not satisfied with mid bass pedestals (drivers too close to floor), so moved drivers into seperate enclosure.

Electra Cable Tube Connectors for speaker inputs.  

All speakers have properly loaded sorbothane with 15 to 20% deflection; Gaia III for bass speakers, carpet over cement floor.

Room Details

Dimensions: 28’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    I have heard this model of VMPS speaker before, and it is prodigious. I concur with the thought process of moving the three bass drivers in the pedestal. Good move. I find that when bass drivers are elevated - aside from subwoofers - the sound quality is more to my liking. Check out how I lofted the PureAudioProject Trio15 10" Concentric Speaker. You will see the 15" woofers at ear height. I prefer that to a lower launch. 

    It is obvious you have passion for your hobby. Kudos! 


    Baraka Bashad!


    Congratulations!  Much thought & effort went into building your system.  It must sound sublime.

    Over the years, after trying many different types of footers under my speakers, Townsend Audio Podiums were a revelation.   They might work great under your RM-V60's.    Enjoy!


    Great job with the room conditioning.


    Once you sit down for a listen...

    How do you manage to leave the room? Well done.
    Good to see a setup with ceiling addressed too. Hats off for transforming  the living space into a listening experience area.

    I see you're also living in the past with your PPP. Had mine refreshed 2 years ago.


    Thats awesome!  Your room and set up look fantastic.  I bet it sounds awesome.  Enjoy!


    Thank you. The original design is the speakers are 3 db down at 70 Hz, so they were designed to require subwoofers. So essentially 6' tall mini monitors. The bass in the pedestals XO was set up work in the limited range of 70 Hz to 270 Hz. That large cabinet also only functions in that range as that is what I have the active XO set up for. The XO rolls off at 24dB/octave at 70Hz so although it could go lower it is unable to.   

    What I found with the original design was the low bass having the drivers 5.5" off the floor the soundstage seemed like it was compresssed in the vertical. With the ribbons being used from 270Hz up and the detail, speed, and harmonics ribbons provide, rather than living with the design limitation of a compressed vertical soundstage (not bad, but noticeable to me), I decided to experiment with taking the existing drivers and putting into another enclosure. Some folks have lifted up the entire speaker on pedestals. If it didn't work out, I could always go back. It was immediate that I was on to something so I modifiied the enclosures. Really pleased with the result. This is a discussion I put on the VMPS Audio Circle site concerning the project.


    Wow that's fantastic your commitment to modding those VMPS speakers is pretty awe inspiring. I love that you have three bass drivers in separate, pretty large, cabinets and still feel the need for dual subs. ;)


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