Like many, the dream started early in life.  As an early teen, was always into HiFi and surround and have long desired those beautiful blue meters, even got them tattooed on my calf’s - yes that is real.  Fast forward to turning 50 and decided to simplify my system, going back to 2-channel and dusting off the old vinyl… Yes, I was able to keep it simple. Yes, I blew my budget. Yes, it sounds amazing and well beyond my expectations.  No, I cannot see see a hifi surround system in my future - ever again - maybe a dumbed down but not HiFI.  Hope you enjoy…

Oh, and the custom built cabinet was designed by me for this specific equipment and built by Tomfoolery from Kent, Wa.  It’s made of solid walnut. The feet are custom made from hot rolled steel. The three bottom drawers perfectly hold a bundle of albums.  The smaller top drawers support turntable cleaning tools, cable box, and a reserve of inner/outer album sleeves.  Why custom? I knew this was the equipment I would have for the next 20+ years so wanted to to fit perfectly, to my room and for the equipment - its not easy finding a 24” deep cabinet to support 100lbs of MA12000 - haha

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • McIntosh MA12000
    Integrated receiver with tube preamp and solid state amp
    • McIntosh MPC500
    Power Conditioner and management
    • McIntosh MT-5
    • McIntosh MB20
    • SVS PC2000 Pro
    Pair of subs, one ported and one plugged
    • Tannoy Arden
    Loud Speakers
    • Kimber Kable TC12
    12’,  2 into 4
    • Kimber Kable Carbon interconnect
    Interconnect for Turntable, with grounding wire

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Bam! My Russian friend has some sweet Tanoy's like yours. Excellent system!


Beautiful System!

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I would love to hear this system. Tannoy was the first high end speaker I heard back in 1977. I never thought about a hi fi tattoo however!


cool a lotta power and a lotta speaker is all you need- not sure about the tattoos.


I love it! I had a local craftsman build me a pair of custom side tables that would accommodate the size and weight of my Mac receiver, but it’s not to the level of yours.  What a beauty!  And a suggestion on the tattoo, have you considered using radioactive tritium to get the blue glow? Lol


Oh man, I bet this sounds plump and juicy.  Im so impressed by these virtual systems I see here and yours is no exception.  Im a fan of Tannoy and I bet those sound awesome with Mac.  Those tats are awesome as well.


Love it so much blue and green and those Ardens look fantastic. And nice tats I admire your commitment to Mac!


The Mac colors are impressive.



Very fine system. I'll bet that Mac w/ Tannoy using Kimber is sublime.


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