Total revamp over the last few years. Still more to be tried and tweaked. Cables are mostly Cullen and Zu and aren’t nearly as messy as they appear - at least not the important ones.

Rack is DIY welded steel with birch plywood shelves on rubber strips. 

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    • Zu Audio Soul Supreme
    Maple Sangria on rubber feet on plinths with cardboard shims to reduce bottom gap
    • PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Power Amp
    Psvane EL34, NOS RCA 12AU7
    • Linear Tube Audio MZ3
    preamp  / headphone amp / integrated
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. Qutest
    SGC LPS is tucked out of sight
    • Bluesound Node 2i
    • OPPO BDP-105
    • Schiit Audio Aegir
    for variety
    • MHDT Laboratory Orchid
    6922/5670 tube adapter
    • HiFi Man Sundara
    • ZMF Headphones Aeolus
    Because a great headphone amp deserves a great headphone (and vice versa).

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Nice set-up - curious how you like the Aegir vs the PL?  Also the Chord vs the MHDT?