Welcome to 40 years teen dream gone insane - A weed tripping room (designed to take you for a ride) - 2 channel true surround -all restored and modified vintage - sometimes the old ways are the best ways- you have no idea what the power of music does to the mind at this level using all the power just under clipping - when we are startled are mind releases an opioid like drug to calm us down even though we know whats coming our mind still takes it as trauma resulting in a rocket ride adrenaline rush of extreme gratification coupled with the weed its to be experienced -so intense it becomes scary giving you goose pimples and literaly staggering you when trying to stand up with your head spinning -this room built around the love of my life my wife who financed most of this venture -thanks to Ray at Krell service who spent a lot of time and patience restoring all 4 Kell amps with original parts -an awesome guy- there are acoustical and mind mind barriers to be broken (by golly I've done it again) -in concept and mind boggling gratification this one takes the prize in all out assault-yes -I know many of you got more into a pair of speakers than I do everything -but you know I seriously doubt your system can generate this kind of gratification that never gets old -although there is a downside to all this -I'm limited to 2-hrs a week to crank it to keep peace with the neighbors and cops -I've paid the price thru the years of 1000's of dollars in tickets and court fines even though this is a garage sound-room with inner cement block sound proofing its heard for blocks away - It's a cop magnet - talk about fighting for your rights to party-(Rock-N-Roll-the beat goes on) A strong thought to a critic of vintage audio If I wanted new I would have new the problem with this entire hobby quest is trying to find stuff that sounds good to my need of clear loud tight slamming base quality that doesn't clink but truly rocks one soul it's so fun -most of these companies new stuff doesn't sound as good as the old I've tried  to replace my 87 CD player went thru several of them not even the same brands newest model could beat the old when you find something that works you stick with it -I guess if I had availability to everything new out there that I could return maybe I would find everything brand new that would work for what I'm after -mean while I stand firm that sometimes the best way is the old way

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • JBL 6090
    • Sony cabinets ess conversion
    1 pair-note all 20 speakers have been modified with 10 gage monster cable in crossover to drivers  10% more efficient power to drivers
    • ESS amt-c
    1 pair
    • ESS amt-10b cabinet 2 1b drivers conversion
    1 pair
    • ESS amt-b1 bookshelf
    1 pair
    • ESS amt-1b
    1 pair
    • ESS amt-1a
    2 pair
    • ESS AMT-1D
    1 pair
    • ESS amt-monitors
    2 pair
    • Bryston 4B-ST
    • Krell KSA-250
    • Krell KSA-300s
    • Carver C-1
    2-  c-1  pre-amps - 1 main for half the amps- other piggy-backed just for volume to run rest of the amps

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Sounds like you are living your life and having a blast doing it. In my book that is to be admired. And the system is badass.


…and you got your wife to pay for it?!! My hero!!


Most certainlyclinking, clanking, clattering collection of caliginous junk from a bygone era, and just like the Tin Man a reconstructed system with a heart!

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I am so happy ! Now when friends say that I am nuts I can just pull up pictures of your system and give them a " You ain't seen nothing yet " . Thanks for the memories .

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Wow you win sir and your wife is lovely! Glad to see your teen dreams realized!


Awwwwwwww. The good old days when Krell was actually Krell and could heat up a room. Love that Disco Ball too. Very Kool


Oof, probably the best virtual system post in two years. “Opinions please” tag should be replaced with a “yes, please” instead.

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Wow. That room is packed with gear.



Amplifier heaven!


Good for you Brother!  The main thing in this entire hobby is that you are enjoying the music, and it sounds like you are, so good on you.


Whenever I think I finally understand this hobby, a post like this comes along to show me that I've only scratched the surface. Rock on!


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