When I read about my gear, I realize that they are all built like a tank and they really complement each other. It’s very basic but I love the sound. 
The Linn is 35+ years old and has been with me from the beginning. It has been the one constant in my upgrades over the years.  
Linn LP 12, Lingo ps with Ittok arm and Hana SL is on the wall shelf. Driven by Prima Luna Prologue Premium integrated amp with Gold Lion KT77 power tubes. Elac Alchemy phono preamp. 
Second turntable is VPI Cliffwood with Sumiko Moonstone. Marantz 8005 CDP. 
Audio Envy cable throughout (CDP has a VDH pc)
Isotek surge. 
Dynaudio Excite34 speakers. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 12’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Linn LP12 Lingo
    Hana SL cartridge. Ittok arm.
    • PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium
    Integrated amp with Gold Lion KT77 power tubes and 12AU7.
    • Elac Alchemy Phono Preamp
    • Dynaudio Excite X-34
    • Audio Envy cable All cable in main system
    • VPI Industries Cliffwood turntable
    • Dynaudio Excite x34 speakers
    • VPI Industries Cliffwoid
    Secondary turntable with Sumiko Moonstone

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Well thought out system. I don't have any constants since the beginning of my audio journey in the '70s like you, but only have an average system.

How's the Linn compare to VPI
A non-typical match, but power-hungry Dynaudio's do sound good w/ tubes. I'm using Excite 10 w/ Mystere (PL's sister co.) tube amp.